Scitec Shaker bottle

The brand new Scitec Shaker bottle offers a safe and more efficient shaking experience than it's predecessor. This won't affect your gains, that's for sure and the protein won't be dissolving better in it. But you will appreciate the experience of a safe shaking and you won't be covered in protein in the end of the project. This danger is converging to zero. ;)

Okay, it has the tendency to leak, but it's inevitable in certain cases: thousands being made in the factory at this moment, so the chance is there. You know, just so you'll know we're not trying to mislead you.

No matter how long we discuss the matter, the result will be the same: drinking shake from this Scitec Shaker bottle has a special feeling. ;)

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scitec shaker
You get a nice shaker for the amount of money you pay

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